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A calendar for tasks, not meetings

Are you struggling to manage
your tasks with a calendar?

Calendar apps today are designed to schedule meetings and appointments. A team meeting here, another one-on-one there.

Your day gets sliced into pieces with little time left for the things that you need to get done. Your most important tasks get lost in a sea of meetings.

And you struggle every day to stay focused on your priorities and what's important right now.

Your calendar becomes a reflection of how others use your time, not how you can use it to get work done and accomplish things.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could better focus on your important tasks and make progress towards your goals?

You need a calendar that puts your priorities first and helps you achieve greater success.

You need a calendar that helps you...

How The Daily App can help you

Start your day focused on Today

What you focus on right now will set the stage for future success

When you open the Daily App, you are greeted with the Today view. This is the list of tasks that are scheduled for right now.

Below Today's tasks, you can view Tomorrow's tasks as well. This encourages you to end your day planning for the next.

And so when tomorrow becomes today, you are all teed up and ready to go.

A better way to plan ahead

Unload your mind, stay on top of what's important

When planning for upcoming weeks, it is hard to decide exact dates and times for your tasks. So it's helpful to "pencil in" the tasks to "sometime" in a week or month.

The Daily App allows you to schedule tasks for "sometime in the week" or "sometime in the month".

When the week or month comes around, you can pick up the tasks to slot them into specific days or get them done right away.

Day divided into blocks of time

Stay flexible and in control of your time

Traditional calendars cut up your day into ribbons of 30 minute time blocks. This is unnatural and results in a packed schedule that leads to anxiety or burn out.

In the Daily App, we provide 3 natural blocks of time: Morning, Afternoon and Evening. This gives you flexibility and a sense of control. If you start a task at 9:15 instead of 9am exactly, it's ok. Get started and get going.

Pin a quick note to yourself

Some days are just special

Maybe it's someone's birthday, or it's the day you go on vacation.

You can pin a note on top of a day to remind yourself of something for that day.

Use it give your days meaning and context.

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